Savannah and Sniffy
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Results from test-Stage II Mast Cell Cancer

I am sad to report that the results came back from the lab as Stage II Mast cell tumors. The life expectancing according to the vet is 5 years. She was concerned that the others were not tested and that she wanted to watch Savannah closely for any changes in skin apperance or growths. I am going to continue changing Savannah and Sniffy to a grain free diet. I am including a link about Savannah’s cancer type.

"Don't worry, momma."

"Don't worry, momma.


Mast Cell Tumor Research

Here is this sites “bottomline” on the subject. I have included the original link here also.

Canine mast cell tumors account for up to 20% of all skin tumors in dogs. While they often appear small and somewhat insignificant, they can be a very serious form of cancer in the dog. Some mast cell tumors are easily removed without the development of any further problems and others can lead to a life threatening disease. Proper identification and treatment are very important in controlling these tumors.

Canine Mast Cell Tumors: A Common Cancer in Dogs
Veterinary Services Department, Drs. Foster & Smith, Inc.
Holly Nash, DVM, MS

Savannah resting easy

Savannah resting easy

Well Savannah was still a little groggy today from the surgery meds. She is fairing pretty well nice and slow, laying in the sun for a little nap in the afternoon. Her appetite of course, was NOT effected. :) She is a tough hound.

Higher Number of Dog Cancers in Salinas Area

I was talking with Nicholas last night about Savannah and he pointed out the fact that if Savannah has mast cell tumor cancer then she will be the second female treeing walkercoon hound (Bella who died of a rare blood lukemia) to have cancer in that area. He raise the question that the area could possibly be a factor in the cancers. I talked with the vet technician at the animal hospital today and she said that they have definitely seen a link between a rise in cancer in dogs in our specifc area in monterey county. Due to the large number of growing fields in the area in addition to three growing seasons a year.

Sniffy ?

Sniffy had a growth that was tested last year and determined to be fatty tissue and not a concern. At his most recent yearly physical last month the growth under the right armpit had grown to the size of a golf ball and changed to become more solid tissue. When I consulted with the Patty at the hospital she suggested I watch it for a week and note any changes then bring Sniffy in and they will measure the growth and compare it against the measurement taken at his last appointment in December 2008.


Savannah is home from Surgery

Savannah Post SurgerySavannah had a long surgery and 11 masses were removed. The most suspect of the masses is being sent to the lab for testing and the Dr. is saving the others incase we need them for later testing. Dr. Jessica Lightsey, DVM and the staff at Animal Health Center were the fabulous, it is great to have a highly qualified Dr. who also has a loving heart for Savannah. Savannah is on restricted activity for two weeks and goes in for a recheck in 7 days and then the suture removal in 14 days. The surgery costs were $1375.00, gulp. But, what is a loving mamma to do. Sniffy is glad she is home, he was beside himself today missing her. Thanks for the crossed paws, prayers and healing thoughts. I am working on learning how to make my own dog food so I can give her a grain free diet. Diet is one of the leading causes of these type of masses, if is determined by the test that she has mast cell tumors. I am going to be creating a page on this blog that will have links to the sites I find as I conduct more research on dog health.


Savannah & Sniffy enjoy Carmel Beach

Look at the surfers and that beautiful sunset.

Look at the surfers and that beautiful sunset.


Savannah’s Biopsy

Thanks to all my friend who are sending good thoughts for tomorrow. Savannah is going to have a biopsy surgery to determine if the growths on her are cancerous or not. I have asked friends and animal lovers to help me out with surgery cost and Cheryl from Homeless hounds suggested a cool fundrasing site. This is the main page to the site Savannah’s Surgery Donation Page